Sunsets in the Philippines: Ang Paglubog ni Haring Araw sa Perlas ng Silangan

My beloved country!!! …..Mabuhay!!

The 7,107 Islands of the Philippines

Sunset is one of my favorite thing to see whenever I travel.

The Philippines being an archipelago laid in the orient seas makes it ideal for sunsets. Why? Because the Philippines have 7,107 islands, which means  thousands of shores to witness the King Sun (Haring Araw in Filipino) set while displaying array of bright flamboyant colors that is reflected in the  water. Simply a divine sight to behold.

Sunset never fails to amaze me. How it light up the sky with captivating warm colors at dusk is just bliss. I have to admit that I find it as one of my little addiction, a pleasure that I will never be guilty about.

This is my collection of sunset photos I took during my travels in the Philippines. Collecting sunset photos is one of my passion, this is an on going and continuous process for me and I will be happy…

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