Evangelism Style

Its been a year after the Bicolandia Bible Christian Center young people launch the concert entitled “Meet the Rock” in a theater in Naga City, the purpose is to reach the young people of the city to Christ and eventually reach the core of their home.

The preparation is so enormous, the budget from the rent of the theater to the attire of the participants which the leadership of the Church can not be disclosed, all they said is that mostly financed come through donations from those that support the said event. After the concert comes the evaluation which they said it is successful and everybody is happy, but mulling on what they said maybe success is at hand that they move to more ambitious project, renting the the theater every one Sunday of the month for 7 thousand Php, with a capacity of 600 people. Its a big task to fill in that number, the reason also that some officers of the Church have to think it over and decline. They have not come over yet of what really the outcome of the concert. Its been a long process of talk that follows afterward, persuading the Core officer that if they take that offer its a leap of faith. But still nobody moves.


Now that its almost a year after the concert, they found out the big decline on the youth. Some have migrated to Manila for study, others have their personal reason not to come to the church after the invitation and some been busy to their works. The reason the officers have to do something concrete or else the spending of that concert will be of no value. Its been the second concert they have done, the first concert have the same fate…youth declined. For this, they concentrated on Discipleship, enhancing a small group or cell grouping so that they may retain what is left of the youth and of the church congregation….


The first concert..DOTA

the rock

The second concert…Meet the Rock

The pictures above are those event the BBCC youth created.



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