Imagining a Middle East Without Christians


By Richard Ghazal at AINA

In the crosshairs of the burgeoning Caliphate, and its brutal conquest, the Middle East’s Christian minority finds itself in the existential balance, facing the all-but-imminent threat of complete annihilation. The Islamic State’s bloodlust will not be satisfied until it achieves a religiously homogeneous, monolithic society. A Middle East completely void of Christians is a menacing prospect. The eradication of Christians will rock the Middle East’s social balance, and enable the Islamic State’s soldiers of Jihad to reach a one-time inaccessible, moderate Muslim demographic, and thus, afford the Islamic State additional momentum in their already unprecedented advance.

Despite constituting a relatively small community, Christians, through the ages, have served a pivotal role in stabilizing Middle Eastern society at large. There’s a clear nexus between Christian presence in the Middle East and the moderating effect they’ve had in the Muslim-majority communities in which they’ve resided. Many Christian…

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