What The US SHOULD Do In The Middle East

Desert Musings

Martin Dempsey and Chuck Hagel, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense respectively, told us how big a threat ISIS was to our country last week…and they didn’t hold anything back. Then our stumble-bumble president came back from his golfing vacation, and everything seemed to change. ISIS wasn’t a dire threat to our way of life anymore. Just having Bobo back in the saddle was enough to relegate them back to “JV status”. Of course, anyone that believes that is a low-information fool that probably voted for Obama not once but twice, and are still holding their hands out for some of that “Obama money”.

Actually, Dempsey and Hagel were right initially. ISIS is a threat to our way of life. It’s already threatened our way of life, and will continue to do so unless we stop them. There is only one army in…

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