NATO summit exhibitor executes two on Sunday in Afghanistan

DRONE WARFARE: now including all airstrikes


Together with other arms firms that provide core military components for drones deployed by the US, General Dynamics exhibited its products at NATO’s summit in Wales last week.

Defence companies paid up to £300,000 to exhibit their military wares at the conference in Newport. According to Defense News the decision to charge industry so much at the Celtic Manor golf resort hosting the summit angered some executives, although others said the level of political and military access available may justify the high price tag.

According to a British governmentpress release, among the firms present were General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and MBDA:

  • General Dynamics manufacture Hellfire missiles – seen below – utilized in most US drone strikes
  • Raytheon make the targeting system for the Reaper drone deployed by the CIA and other actors to conduct strikes across the globe.
  • Lockheed Martin operates as a contractor to provide…

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