Snowball, The Bravest Dog in Afghanistan pt.1

Cool Story, Bro

Something that the public at large at not aware of is that Afghanistan is overrun with stray dogs. The Afghan people generally view cats and dogs on the same level as vermin, pests that sneak in and attempt to eat your food or attack your animals.

Marines fucking love these dogs. It’s just amusing that my story of Snowball is also the story of my first firefight in Afghanistan.

I was at an outpost once, a tiny little place that we were using for several days to patrol out of. This patrol base was a little larger than where my unit would end up, but that really isn’t saying much. Of course they asked for our help, but didn’t have a place for us to sleep, which is why this story could just as easily be called “The night I had to spoon with a Corpsman to stay warm”. But…

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