Snowball, The Bravest Dog in Afghanistan pt.2

Cool Story, Bro

The patrol that I was with that day in Afghanistan could pretty aptly be considered a wrecking ball of firepower. We had riflemen, machine gunners, and assault men in the front, as well as an air officer and myself  near the rear. We also had a Marine dog handler and his black lab near the front in order to find any possible bombs planted ahead of time. My job was an artillery scout observer, which to the layperson pretty much means I called in very large guns that could shoot for miles and destroy everything in a 50 meter radius. So yeah, we were pretty much set. To top that off we had Snowball along with us, so who the hell would even want to mess with us?

Turns out I found the answer to that one pretty quick. Insurgents definitely wanted to mess with us.

We had been patrolling…

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