Troubled Russian Aircraft Carrier Kuznetsov Returns to Sea

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Troubled Russian Aircraft Carrier Kuznetsov Returns to Sea

WikicommonsThe Kuznetsov is Russia’s only aircraft carrier of its type to enter service.

Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Soviet-era flagship Admiral Kuznetsov, has returned to sea after going into port for maintenance at the Sevmash Shipyards near Arkhangelsk, Interfax reported Monday.

The vessel, Russia’s largest, is now heading out into the Barents Sea for post-repair sea trials, ensuring that the ship is in working order before resuming normal combat duties, Western Military District spokesperson Vadim Serga was quoted  by Interfax as saying.

In Russian naval parlance, the Kuznetsov is not a proper aircraft carrier but rather a heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser, about half the size of a modern U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. But the Kuznetsov’s cruiser capabilities mean that in addition to launching fighter planes, the warship can pummel enemy surface vessels with anti-ship guided missiles.

A U.S. Nimitz-class super-carrier displaces more than 100,000 tons — the standard of measurement for ship sizes. The Kuznetsov, by comparison, displaces a mere 55,000…

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