Saving Muslim Women?

Israel, America, and the Middle East

We are always told never to judge a book by its cover, but I find it very hard not to jump to conclusions when I see certain pictures. There are specific images that work really well on covers to help them sell (of course there are others that do not sell). An example that comes to mind is the “White People Almost Kissing” book jacket that author Nicholas Sparks uses on almost every novel he writes. It can be expected that these images will vary from author to author, especially in different cultures. In Arabic literature, there are also “go to” types of images such as “Tiny Men Walking” or “Women Looking Out Over Water”; One in particular, though, has been used often – “Saving Muslim Women”Muslim Women Books

It’s understandable that book covers help us choose a book (it’s natural to go to what intrigues you), but with this type…

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