Disturbing High School Hazing Trend: Anal Penetration

The Big Lead

Sayreville is probably not unique

The Sayreville High School football case is drawing more attention to hazing around the country and, sadly, it isn’t an isolated incident by any means. Lurid details like those in Sayreville have been rampant throughout the country in recent months.

From NJ.com:

In Colorado, the hazing case involved a pencil. In Los Angeles, a broken flag pole. In Iowa, a jump-rope handle. In Missouri, a water bottle. In Vermont, pool cues.

In New York City, coaches were fired after accusations that three members of the track team assaulted younger teammates, with one reportedly saying, “You need a good fingering, you freshman.”

The guess here – as with attention focused on child sexual abuse with cases like Jerry Sandusky, or domestic abuse with video like in the Ray Rice matter – is that it is a result of greater scrutiny, social media, and attention on the topic. Male teenage…

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