NT Texts in the Cairo Genizah: Bibliographical References

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I’ve now got some further bibliographical references relating to my posting yesterday about NT manuscripts among the material from the Cairo Genizah.

(With thanks to Bill Yarchin for these initial ones):

Michael Sokoloff & Joseph Yahalom, “Christian Palimpsests from the Cairo Genizah,” Revue de l’histoire des textes 8 (1978): 109-32.

Natalie Tchernetska, “Greek-Oriental Palimpsests in Cambridge:  Problems and Prospects,” in Literacy, Education and Manuscript Transmission in Byzanitum and Beyond, eds. C. Holmes & J. Waring (Leiden:  Brill, 2002), 243-56.

Nicholas de Lange, “Jewish Transmission of Greek Bible Versions,” in XIII Congress of the Interenational Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Ljubljana, 2007, ed. Melvin K. H. Peters (Atlanta:  Society of Biblical Liteature, 2007), 109-17.

In addition, I offer the following online resources on various matters:

Friedrich Niessen, “New Testament Translations from the Cairo Genizah,” surveying the various translations evidenced in the Genizah fragments:  here.

A bibliography of publications…

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