153. Diplomatic Oddities

Ned Davy and The Order of The Black Heart


Andorra is a small country (area 468 km², population 85,000) in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. It has two Co-Princes, the Spanish Bishop of Urgell and the President of France.

Its army consists of twelve men who provide a ceremonial guard whenever needed. It is said that the military is funded entirely from voluntary donations.

Andorra declared war on Germany in 1914, but forgot to go to the Peace Conference in 1919, so technically they were still at war until 1939 when the mistake was corrected. Andorra was neutral during the Second World War.


Liechtenstein is another micro-state (area 160 km², population 37,000), prosperously located between Switzerland and Austria.

The story goes that the last time they went to war in 1866, they sent 80 men to help Austria in the Third War of Italian Unification.

However, the force saw no fighting and sustained no casualties.

“In fact,”…

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