Flight from Kobani ~ by a resident of Latakia, Syria

The Wall Will Fall

“Here is my KOBANI story:

Jehan is a widow who has lived in Ayn Al Arab for 15 years. The western mainstream press insists on using the Kurdish name for the place, Kobani. They want to establish that the area is Kurdish, not Syrian.Regardless of ethnicity, the country it is located in the Syrian Arab Republic. Jehan was born in Aleppo. Her father was a Syrian Kurd and her mother was a Syrian minority from the coastal area. Jehan grew up in a broken home, her parents divorced, because her father’s sisters refused to allow him to be married to a minority woman. The family pressure broke the marriage up, even though there were 3 small children involved. By Syrian family law, the children were made to remain with their father in Aleppo, and his former wife returned to her family at the coast. Finally, the divorced woman re-married…

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