The Rape and Torture of Mental Hospital Patients & Staff by the FSA in Syria.

The Wall Will Fall

“Most days Amal sits near the window and looks out at the street.  She smokes too many cigarettes and drinks too many cups of coffee, but what else is there for her to do?  She is past middle age, retired and has time to sit and think about those happy days gone by before the Syrian revolution began in March 2011.  Now, she has to deal with a severally handicapped adult son, who is also severely mentally ill.

She and her husband lived modest lives, both working as civil servants.  Now, both are retired on a fixed income, and with the Syrian war driving up prices their income is barely covering the basics.

They thought they were so fortunate to find a safe, clean and responsible mental facility for their young adult son who suffers from severe mental illness.  They paid for the best care they could afford for their…

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