Don’t be fooled by Facebook’s latest newsfeed update: It’s still the one in control


In the never-ending quest to build a newsfeed beloved by both users and advertisers, Facebook introduced more product control features on Friday. Namely, it added nuances to its muting button. Now when you tell Facebook you don’t want to see a post, you’re prompted to unfollow the writer or see less posts from them. Facebook’s product management director Adam Mosseri told Re/Code “We’re trying to encourage people to use the [unfollow] option more.”

Here’s the problem: It makes fine-tuning your newsfeed even more of a hassle. It takes effort to go weeding through the dredges of your news feed, making decisions about which individual posts were subpar. The cognitive burden of it all is a deterrence. How many people used that “I don’t want to see a post” button in the first place? I asked Facebook, but the company didn’t respond.

In the second update, Facebook will give you lists of noisy pages and…

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