Voting: Are Millenials Too Busy?

Xtoph's Escape

I go to work, leave the gym and get to the polls by 8:50pm. Phew, I made it by ten minutes. I can still vote and get my voice heard, I thought. “Sorry Mr. Kerney, you’re not registered to vote here.” Says the woman behind the table. “So, I have to go back to my old address and vote is what you’re saying?” I reply. “Yes sir. Sorry about that.” So now I can’t vote because I’ll never get back to my old place in under ten minutes. Well there goes my right to vote this year. Annoyed, I go home and it makes me wonder this: “Why can’t we vote through our cell phones or social media accounts? Sounds crazy right? But is it really? Is it really that crazy to think that I could cast my vote over the internet or cell?

In a recent study from our…

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