Review of The Way of the Knife by Mark Mazzetti

Fighting the Delusion

The United States faces many issues in the ever-changing nature of warfare. Some of the problems that occur arise from external threats posed by militant groups seeking control of certain regions. However, there are many issues that are overlooked because they are internal matters. They are spawned by the policies that dictate our actions in and out of the battlefield. These policies must be reexamined. In order to effectively combat the rise in anti-Americanism that is found throughout the world, the cause of these matters must be determined.
Mark Mazzetti’s most recent book, The Way of the Knife (2014), attempts to pin down the cause of these issues by examining the history of the drone program in the CIA, the United States’ turbid relations countries in the Middle East and Africa and, the CIA’s license to kill. Mazzetti offers a portrait of the efforts of the United States to fight…

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