How to Create a Strong Password

Online User Privacy Protection and Awareness


The brief article above from Microsoft’s website gives us the best tips to create a strong password.

You want to use a password that is not the one you use at another site and that does not include the username you are using. You also want to use all types of characters, such as lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters, which include !, ?, $, @, and even blank spaces.

However, the one that most people miss is that you should not use words. Yes, you heard that right; do not use words that appear in the dictionary and do not use any names either. Don’t panic though. You may still use words, but in unconventional ways. For example, instead of using “badminton” in your password, use “b@dm1nt()n.”

Finally, you want passwords that are longer than 8 characters. Remember that the longer the password, the longer it…

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