Privacy and Safety Precautions for Using Wi-fi (wireless internet)

Online User Privacy Protection and Awareness

000Wi-Fi Green Security Check

Now let’s discuss how to protect your privacy and your security when using the internet via a wireless internet connection, or wifi.

The link above provides good advice from Microsoft on precautions to take when  you are using a public wireless connection outside your house. First, it’s good to have a protected computer with good antivirus or internet security software. Second, if you are at a place where several wifi spots are available, connect to the one that has the most secure connection. That secure wifi spot would be one with a very strong signal and a password protection required to connect to it. FIU, our university, has such a wifi connection. Random places may not have such secure connections and you may not be connecting to a secure source. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid any e-commerce and important transactions, or just typing any important information online…

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