decaf coffee, can you (the reader, not the decaf) answer my question?

The Honking Goose

Can I ask all you decaf coffee drinkers out there to offer your opinion?

I never used to drink coffee. The caffeine has a strong effect on me and I can feel my heart pound if I have too much. I started drinking coffee two years ago because I quit smoking pot and I needed a ritual to replace it. Now I love the taste of coffee and I love the heat. I prefer dark roast. And I take it black, no sugar. I’ve tried drinking tea instead and I just don’t like it half as much. I like the taste of really, really strong coffee, so I make it strong and just have half a cup. Usually just once a day in the morning.

However, I certainly don’t need the caffeine. I just like the flavor and the ritual of preparing it and holding the warm cup in my…

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