1-2 Blog: Examining Media Use and Influence

Alan Schechter COM 510

New media is a huge part of my life, both socially and vocationally.  Socially, I am on the internet every day of my life.  It is the way I can reach out to friends and family members, primarily via social media (Facebook), and be a part of their every day lives.  The internet is my primary mode of acquiring news, also via social media, using Facebook and Twitter.

I also use the internet for my vocation as well.  During my day job as a customer service representative for Blue Cross, the internet is a vital tool for my to assist members with obtaining crucial information.  Maintaining a blog on the side also takes great use of the internet as well.  My daily posts obviously are shared through the internet.  The news that is used to create articles comes typically through Twitter, as well as other news sites on the internet.  To maintain…

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