Paul’s Opening to Timothy – 1 Timothy 1-2

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In Paul’s first letter to Timothy, he calls him “my true child in the faith.”  paul had great affection for Timothy, and had entrusted him with much important work. He had sent him to the Thessalonians when he had been concerned about their faith. He had left him at Ephesus, where one of his most cherished bodies of brethren dwelled. Now his encouragement for his young companion in this letter comes not only with discussion of the mistakes and sins of those they both know, but also with instruction for those things the brethren will most need from Timothy.

Rembrandt's Timothy and his grandmother, 1648. Rembrandt’s Timothy and his grandmother, 1648. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chapter two contains scripture that is most often misunderstood, and even maligned or flatly ignored — especially in this age. In the middle of telling Timothy how men should behave, he talks about how women should adorn themselves modestly. Of course…

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