Being a prophet isn’t easy – but it is necessary

St Andrew's Lhanbryd & Urquhart Church of Scotland

Bible base : Ezekiel 2:1-7, Mark 6:1-13

Being choses as someone that God uses to speak his word into society was never an easy job.

Its one thing actually being open to recognising God’s call to speak his Word into society – its a total different thing trying to get people to listen.

God when he called Ezekiel – gets to the point straight away by telling Ezekiel : that the people of Israel that he is to speak to are rebellious, hard hearted and not inclined to listen to a word he is saying.

While They will recognise him as a prophet they are not going to be what he has to say.
Poor Ezekiel who’s name means God strengthens was to need every bit of strength that God could give him.

Whatever the discouragement Ezekiel will encounter – because of the work God has called him to…

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