Tips on how to apply mascara

The little things in beauty

Hello sweeties how are you?

I like my lashes long i thought I would show you have to make your eyelashes like mine 🙂
Ok, let’s get started!

I’m using Lashcreator volume & care mascara by Deborah.I like it, it doesn’t dry fast and it makes your lashes huge.
Picture 636

I’m also using a eyelash curler, to sort of lift up my lashes.

Picture 633

1. like I said I use my eyelash curler. When you use it make sure to curl it as close to the lashline as posible.
You can also repeat the same step in the middle of your lashes.

Picture 643

2. this are my lashes after the first layer of mascara. Start at the ruth of the lash and then build the up. Also kind of “shake” the mascara so that the lashes don’t become clumby.

3. Now apply the secund layer and you can already see the difference. Bigger…

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